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Marden. Kent


About Gemma Keith Designs


I am Gemma who designs, draws, edits, picks and packages Gemma Keith Designs. All the products you see are made by myself in Marden, Kent.


I've always had a creative soul even when I was small and making mud pies alongside my daisy drawings. My background is Textiles Design, where I graduated from University of the Arts London, Chelsea in 2015. Specialising in print design, I experimented in as many different techniques as possible and which I use throughout my collections.


My main and sole inspiration is animals. It’s capturing an animal’s character and cheeky personality that inspires me the most. I love nothing more than accentuating their quirks with a smile or adding that twinkle to their eye.


The medium I choose to use the most are watercolour paints. I like to layer up each colour create a visual depth to a painting, but also have the flexibility to wash out a colour and start again. I often use digital techniques within my work. Some designs, such as the Barn Owl are completely digitally drawn. This is still a hand drawn piece but instead of a pen and paper, I use a pen and an interactive tablet which picks up every brush stroke I make. So a lot less paint brushes to wash up but a lot more saving is needed!


Thank you for spending your time to browse through my designs. I hope you have a fabulous day!

- Gemma -

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