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All about Gemma Keith Designs


Hi, I'm Gemma. The designer, maker and face of Gemma Keith Designs. I started my business in 2017, drawing and painting prints to sell. Since then my range of products have fantastically expanded. I now sell a range of textiles and gifts to shops around Kent and at the occasional local fair.


I am a trained artist from Marden, Kent. I started my creative journey at UCA Maidstone where I specialised in firstly, Fine Art and then Fashion and Textiles. I knew I could paint though I wanted something more than a hanging artwork. That's where textile design came in. I was able to transfer my illustrations and bold brush strokes onto energetic items like scarves and wallpaper.  


I then went on to study BA Textile Design at University of the Arts London. Chelsea for three years.


After graduating, I started working for a few creative and non-creative companies. After realising fashion design was not where my passion lay. I decided then to work harder on my own creations and develop my own business. A year on, it was the best career decision I have made.


Thank you for taking the time to read about where your product is from! I would love to hear from you, please feel free to email or call.


Have a fabulous day, Gemma