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A little introduction...

Happy Friday  and hello to any new followers  I thought I might introduce myself to everyone who is new to the page.

Hi, I'm Gemma and I run Gemma Keith Designs  I'm a professionally trained artist and print designer from Kent  now living in Cumbria  I hand draw, paint and design all of my gift and homeware selling them to retail and wholesale.

I've been running my small business since 2017 and what a journey it's been. I started my selling prints way back when on the walls of my local pub! Which to my honest surprise started selling well.

Moving onto local farmers markets and events I was attending around two a week and loved hearing what people liked and what they were looking for. Adding more products like tote bags and cards my business expanded with more stock and designs.

I then decided to upload my products online and Etsy blew up  it was a great way to sell without the very early morning market starts  

And several years later, that's where I'm at  selling my pieces solely online on Etsy and my website which brought me to buying my first house in 2022   it was a dream I never thought was possible but here we are a year and a half later, living a very happy life with my Reggie  and my dream job

New to 2024 I'll be creating new collections and I'm planning to add a few new products to my range, including the much awaited aprons! I'm very much looking forward to getting started on the next designs

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